Rediscover the Beauty of Your Pool

Having a pool is a wonderful addition to any home. Being able to go out to the backyard and take a refreshing swim is a dream come true. However, over the years, things can start to deteriorate. Perhaps you don’t feel as excited as when you first started using the pool. Don’t let outdated or worn features prevent you from enjoying the pool to its full potential. It might just need some refreshers to get you back out there and enjoying the water.


Walking toward the pool, does it feel like you are headed toward an oasis or stepping on hot charcoal briquettes? In the hot sun, old brick pavers around the pool area can make it feel like one is walking on fire. Upgrading with materials such as travertine during pool deck remodeling Boca Raton can keep your feet comfortable even on hot days. This natural stone comes in a wide range of beautiful veined colors, including white, cream, tan, gold, blue, rust, brown, yellow, black, and gray. Work with a designer to help you establish a plan to rejuvenate the surrounding deck area of the pool.


Looking at the pool, does it appear kind of dull? Even the cleanest water and best filtration system cannot overcome the appearance of an old liner. Many in-ground pools are lined with plaster, which can last five to seven years before needing repair or replacement. While it is possible to switch materials, it could be a costly and time-consuming undertaking. For example, if your pool is lined with plaster, then it should be repaired or relined with plaster and not fiberglass. Plaster options today are much greater than they were years ago. Many homeowners are using aggregate to line their pools with custom and unique designs. Aggregate is plaster that can be colored and mixed with granite, quartz, or glass beads to create a rough or smooth surface. An aggregate-lined pool can sparkle with luxury or reflect the calm serenity of nature. It is easily customizable to suit your desires.


Floating among the stars at night sounds like a great idea, but old or dimmed pool lighting can make the water feel murky and not clean. The standard for years was simple white floodlights spaced about every eight feet. Now you have many options for lighting. Curving freeform or basic rectangle pools can especially benefit from colored and energy-efficient LED modern lighting designs. The pool at night can look dramatic or fun, but it should never look dull. Night-time swimming and viewing should be a pleasure. Creating a mood with gorgeous lighting is a key element to building a pool area that can be enjoyed at any time.