Getting Into Aerospace

Delving into the aerospace industry could be a great way to boost your manufacturing business. Long-distance travel is a necessity for many fields, so aerospace is unlikely to become obsolete any time soon. Also, with increased interest in space exploration, you could be investing in something that will grow in the future.

Despite how much aerospace can offer, you should understand some of the basics before getting your feet wet.


Aerospace is a wide umbrella term that encompasses many smaller fields. Some manufacturers specialize in defense, some prioritize one-off parts and so on. You should think of an area that you’d like to focus on and then do research to see how profitable it is. Potential clients and competitors are important to pay attention to. Also, you should consider how you could incorporate aerospace into your current brand.


You will absolutely have to spend some money to bring aerospace into your business, but how much depends on what you focus on. Airframes and other large items might require some equipment financing to help you get the ball rolling. With smaller items, you may be able to budget on your own. Tools such as bolts and rivets should be top-notch and secure, so you should look around for the top fastener distributors on the market.


Your management system will need to meet AS9100D requirements, but you shouldn’t let this intimidate you. Training your machinists and setting up reliable supervisors can help you improve airworthiness, quality and other matters. As long as you have experts onsite and you understand the rules and regulations, you should avoid trouble.

Technological advancements are pushing aerospace further, so jumping in early can secure your success later. As you build a loyal customer base and increase revenue, you should be able to make upgrades and expand your reach.

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