Concealed Handgun Holsters

When looking to use a gun holster, there can be many factors to think about. What a handgun needs will vary because of its make and model. The larger the gun, the harder it is to conceal for carrying. Some places offer the option for you to open carry depending on the state and federal regulations. Having a safe and reliable way to holster your gun is important. Here are three ways to conceal carry one.


Having a hip holster is an easy way to carry your handgun. It offers complete ease for getting it quickly. It can be used for competition shooting because of its fast accessibility. If you decide to wear a jacket or coat, it can go over your hip offering a simple way to conceal carry. A hip holster can be slim or bulky depending on where it’s at on your body.


Another option for carrying is by using a thigh holster. This is a popular way for women to carry their handguns. It needs to be slim so it can offer comfort and stability while walking or doing everyday activities. The accessibility for retrieving the gun can be harder in this location, so wearing the proper clothes is important.


Carrying a handgun on your ankle can be tricky, but it can offer another option that is best for allowing you to do your daily activities. If you are carrying on your ankle, you will need a concealed ankle holster that will fit you properly and won’t be showing through your pants. Having a flexible material will help it wrap around your leg and keep you comfortable while walking with it.

A handgun is a valuable, yet dangerous weapon. Choosing the proper material, style, and size holster are important for the safety of you and others around you.

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