Tips to Maintain Your Gas Fireplace

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you probably expect to maintain it. However, what you may not realize is that gas fireplaces require maintenance too.

Keep reading to learn about gas fireplace maintenance Denver and how to keep things running efficiently and safely.

Clean the Glass as Needed

Some gas fireplace doors can be removed for easy cleaning. It’s best to look at the owner’s manual to find out how to do this safely. Remove the glass doors and place them on a plastic bag or newsprint to protect the flooring or table under it.

Wipe the glass firmly using a soft cloth sprayed with window cleaner. If there are stubborn soot spots on the glass, you can use a fireplace cleanser or a ceramic cleaner to rinse away residue using a damp, clean cloth. Make sure to dry the glass completely and wait a minimum of 30 minutes before you use the fireplace.

Clean the Interior

You can use the wand attachment on your vacuum to remove debris and dust from the inside of your fireplace. If you use lava rocks, cover the hose’s opening with an old stocking or cheesecloth to ensure they aren’t sucked up.

Clean the Logs

Gas fireplace logs require minimal maintenance and cleaning. If soot starts to build up and the gas logs appear discolored, you can take them out and remove the soot using a soft-bristled brush. Never dampen or wash the logs, as this can face or damage the finish. You should never use cleaners on the logs, either.

Keeping your gas fireplace properly maintained will pay off and help ensure it continues to operate safely and efficiently. When the fireplace is being used, it’s best to provide this maintenance a few times a year. By doing this, you can also catch any problems that arise. 

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